Applying a moisturiser

It’s always a good idea to apply a non-scented moisturiser before spraying your perfume on the skin. You should find that the perfume absorbs into the cream before it absorbs into your skin. By applying it this way the perfume will last longer.

Wash Before Applying

Washing yourself with warm water opens up your pores, which makes your skin more receptive to your perfume. Wash and dry yourself well so that no moisture catches the perfume, and then apply. It’s very important that you dry yourself properly as water can catch the perfume and lead it away from the areas that you apply it on.

Don’t  rub

Never rub the  fragrance when applied to the skin. It should be left untouched until it dries so that the top notes are maintained.

Apply on pulse points

The areas that sustain the scent the longest should be the focus when spraying perfume. Your wrists, behind the ears, the back folds of your knees, your elbow folds and between the clavicles on your neck are the best areas to  apply a fragrance as it will keep the scent lasting for longer.

Store the Fragrance Properly

It’s a good idea to keep your perfumes on a shelf or bedside table in a room. Retain the boxes too, as you can pop the bottle back inside to protect the perfume.

Never keep your perfume  in the bathroom as the dampness will affect the quality of the perfume, which means it doesn’t last as long even if you follow all of the tips in this list.

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What is a Bakhoor?

A Bakhoor is is the Arabic name given to wood chips or chipped bricks soaked in pure fragrant oils. Bakhoor comes in two forms: powdered form and large pieces. 

Where to use bakhoor?

A bakhoor when burnt gives out a subtle aroma that stays in clothes, rooms and even objects that come in close contact for days. A bakhoor is mostly used in the home but can also be used in offices and shops. Some people also use bakhoor on their clothes and even hair.

How to use bakhoor?

  1. A piece of coal is placed on an incense burner and burnt using a lighter for a minute until it turns from black to a little grey.
  2. The scented powder or wood chips of the bakhoor are then placed on top of the burnt piece of coal. (However strong you want the smell to be thats how much bakhoor should be used)
  3. Smoke should then come out from the piece of coal and a beautiful aroma should follow it.
  4. The incense burner can then be taken around the house , in all rooms and can even be left on a counter for the scent to fill up.
  5. Once the smoke given off ends, the piece of coal should be  left in the burner to cool down. Once cooled it should then be disposed of using tongs instead of  using  your hands.

Benefits of using bakhoor

  1. Has a Calming Effect – There is plenty of research available to show that Bakhoor directly affects the central nervous system. It’s capable of relieving those feelings of stress and anxiety, which is why it’s so important as a household fragrance. Using some Bakhoor before bed also helps you to sleep better as it calms the body and mind.
  2. Long lasting – The fragrance lingers on clothes and rooms for days so a great option  if you want a long lasting home fragrance.
  3. Medical benefits – Bakhoor can help with a number of minor physical ailments. It is a diuretic and it has antimicrobial properties. Many who struggle with breathing problems, such as asthma, find that Bakhoor can relieve them symptoms and help them to breathe more comfortably. Beyond that, those with epilepsy often experience a similar soothing of their symptoms when using Bakhoor.

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What is fragrance layering?

Fragrance layering is  when you combine more than one fragrance together on top of one another to make your very own bespoke scent. There’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds to work with a perfumer.

How do you layer fragrances?

1) Go Heavy First

When fragrance layering, stronger perfumes should be sprayed first so that they don’t overpower the weaker ones.

For example Oud type fragrances such as Badee al oud, Midnight oud and Shaghaf oud aswad are great fragrances to start off the layering process.


2) Stay in the Same Olfactory families

As a general rule, you want to start by layering scents that are in or close to the same scent family.

3) Never use two strong fragrances together

Two scents that are too dark can be overwhelming when used together so should be avoided.

4) Fragrances must not dry up

You need to spray the first fragrance and then immediately spray the second on top. If the first fragrance dries, then you may not achieve the scent that you’re looking for.

5) Apply at pulse points

How you apply your perfume or mix of scents does matter a lot. Applying scents at different pulse points like neck, elbow or wrists is very important.

6) Be patient

Fragrance layering with trials and errors is a long process and takes time, so be patient and keep on experimenting!

Remember that there is no right or wrong so have fun!